Piano Shark
Frequently Asked Questions!

What is PianoShark.com
PianoShark.com is the brainchild of Producer/Pianist Tim Sidden. Growing up I had the opportunity to learn from one of the best piano players in the world. Tim, was able to spend two weeks with Gary Prim, Master session player in Nashville Tn. Those two weeks inspired Tim to practice 8 hours a day and become a full time musician himself. Tim states, without the experience with Gary, I would have never become what I am today… He inspired me to play at the best of my ability…
PianoShark.com, is a project Tim Sidden has launched that will give aspiring musicians all over the world the chance to study and learn from some of the best players in our industry and the world.
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What is the difference between your system compared to other online training systems?
PianoShark.com is the first system that incorporates multiple real life professional musicians that have worked and currently work with music super stars… Instead of the usual one teacher, we offer our students multiple teachers for one small monthly price. This allows our students to learn different styles of music and the nuances of each teacher’s approach to the piano.

Who will be my teacher?
Each student will have the opportunity to learn from every teacher that is currently aPianoShark.com Instructor. Currently there are 3 teachers, who will be teaching classroom lessons.

What will I need to get started with your system?
What You Will Need For Online Lessons:
– a piano or keyboard
– Optional – a computer that can be placed near your piano or keyboard (So you can play along)
– a fast internet connection
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What happens if I miss a piano lesson?
Your lesson are sent to you every week via email and are retained in your back office for thirty days. If more time is needed, please contact customer support to advise us and we will make accommodations to suit your needs.

I am a beginner at the piano. Is this for me?
Yes, we have Instructors covering everything from beginners to ultra advanced. This allows us to help you grow as a musician from beginner to ultra advanced.

How much does Lessons cost?
PianoShark.com, there is a subscription service at the rate of $46.65 a month and this fee includes all lessons from all teachers in the PianoShark.com database.  At the time of your purchase, you are credited with 4 credits in your account. to be used on the lessons you chose. Your subscription will renew after 30 days and will continue on until you cancel.
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Are there any cost above the monthly fee that I am responsible for?
There are no additional cost associated with PianoShark.com. We will be offering LIVE webinars once a month that all students have a choice of attending. All paid subscribers will receive a deep discount and is over and above the 4 credits you receive on a monthly basis.  There also will be times when our instructors will be offering additional private lessons or selling products such as solo cd’s that the subscription will not cover. These cost are up to you.

What level of piano playing do I need to be at for this to benefit me?
We recommend all levels of ability as our instuctors

How many lessons a month are given each month?
PianoShark.com will offer its students up to 8 hours of piano lessons each month from our world class pianist and keyboardist.
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What styles of piano will be taught in classes?
Live Piano Lessons will feature multiple genres of music including, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Country, Jazz, Hip Hop and much more. The Live Piano Lessons will also include Rhythmic Piano Riffs, Hot Licks, Chord Improve, Working with vocalist and much much more.

What credentials do your teachers have?
Every teacher at PianoShark.com has extensive experience in the music industry. Most of our teachers have either toured with or worked in the studio with National Recording Artist that have had charting success. All of our teachers will be posted on the site in the coming days with a partial list of credentials.

Will I be able to ask questions during the piano learning sessions?
The short answer is yes. There will be Q and A sessions in every live class taught. You can ask a variety of questions during this time. But please respect other participants and the questions they may ask.
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Can I request a private lesson from PianoShark.com instructors?
Yes, you can request private lessons from our instructors… To do this, Please follow this link to purchase your one-on-one piano lesson . After purchase, please setup your lesson date here .  Follow the instructions on this page and we will setup your lesson with Tim Sidden or another Instructor of your choice.

What do private lessons cost?
While the monthly fee that is paid to PianoShark.com covers all classroom lessons with our professional instructors, our students can also request a private lesson from their favorite instructor (considering that instructor is willing to do private instruction) The rate at which each instructor is willing to work.
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