Very Important News from Tim Sidden

Hello Everyone,

First, I want to Thank everyone for their thoughts and Prayers for me during my stay in the Hospital… It has been a long 16 months but I am back at about 90% and ready to get back to work. Which is what this email is all about…

During my time in the hospital,  I sold my interest in MegaMarketingTools (MMT)and the multiple companies involved under the MMT umbrella. Although I am very proud to say that after three years of service, MMT is still going strong and now even better than ever.

I’m Proud of the fact that Gary and myself built MMT from the ground up and built a business that put the customer first and foremost which is rare in this world of doing business online. But as with everything, my time with MMT has come to a close.

Launching New Network

I am very excited to let you know that today, I am opening a New Chapter in my online business world. Along with the same principles as was used in my other companies, Customers First and Exceptional Support and a company that pays on-time and maintains longevity in the marketing world. I am launching what I think is the most incredible system I have ever been a part of. 

To make things short and sweet, I am launching a Brand New Company and Network that will be the most impressive system I have ever put together. And I am allowing 20 founding members…

10 Founders will be allowed into the system right now and then 10 will be allowed One Week before launch.

What are the perks of becoming a founding member within this new system?

  • Founders will receive a 2 year Diamond (Highest Level) Membership to the Network.
  • Founders receive 50% referral commissions for a FULL YEAR AFTER LAUNCH.
  • Founders will receive Lifetime Rights to Premium  Network advertising.
  • Founders will receive Premium BackLinks that will be viewed by thousands, possibly millions.
  • Founders receive premium placement in the Promotional Advertisement on Google Adsense advertisement.
  • Founders earn money from company Network sponsored signups and programs

And much more… I can not divulge more because telling you more would possibly reveal the Network that is being put into place.

What is the cost of becoming a founding member?
The cost for the first group of 10 founders is a one time payment $299. (Going live as of the mailing of this letter) and closing whenever 10 Founders have made the investment of $299.


The second group of 10 founders will cost $599 and will not open to the public until launch of the new Network expected around the first of February.

I am also going to pay a referral commission to anyone who brings someone to the table of $75

If you’re interested in becoming a Founding Member to one of the hottest Launches of the New Year, this is your chance.
For more information, send a private email to or add me on skype username “playuasong”.
And I will give you more details on the Premium System and what you, as a Founding Member can expect from the launch of this new NetWork

Looking forward to speaking with you and a prosperous future relationship together.

Tim Sidden

Pay for your Founding Member Option here