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Free AutoResponder

Free Autoresponder

Free Autoresponder

A Free Autoresponder is very crucial to your marketing efforts on line. In fact, show me someone online that is successful (Earning 10K plus per Month) and I will show you someone who has spent the time and effort to build a Responsive list.

That is where a Free Auto Responder can come in handy. You must have a vehicle to deliver your messages to the user base you have acquired.

Auto Responders are used by almost every major marketer on the net in some form or fashion. And these people will tell you that, the Autoresponder is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL you will ever use online.
The point being made here is, you will probably never be truly successful online unless every effort your making online is building your list.

At Mega marketing tools we have created the perfect solution for both aspiring marketers and advanced marketers… With the addition of our world class Free AutoResponder, coupled with over 60 capture pages that are directly integrated into the system, both beginners and pros alike now have a powerful tool to build their list to new heights. After logging into Mega Marketing Tools a beginner can be up and running their World Class Free AutoResponder and Professionally designed capture pages on the internet within 10 minutes.

Now, I am going to show you step by step how to set up your Free Auto Responder.

• Log into your account at

• Click on the Pro or Free Auto Responder in your back office. If you’re an upgraded member you will chose the pro version…Free Members please chose the Free AutoResponder. This will take you to a page were you will be able to view some of the amazing features of megalistbuilderpro.

• Click on the signup link at the bottom. This will take you to the signup form where you will be able to input your information for your Free Autoresponder. Please be aware that your username is already chosen for you for your Free Autoresponder and is the same as your username within the MMT system. After filling the form out Click Submit.

• You will then have to verify your email address that you used to signup with.

• After this verification process is done, you will be able to log into your AR back office to open your first campaign on your Free Autoresponder

• After Logging in, you will be asked to create your campaign. Please enter the address you would like to use. Example:

• Next, enter the name this Free Autoresponder will be associated with. This name will go out with all emails and newsletters sent from this auto responder. We highly recommend using your real name as this will help brand your name to the members who sign up on your list.

• Add the email address you would like associated with this account… This email will have to be verified before the AR becomes active. Click submit and check your email for the confirmation email that is being sent to you.

• After confirming your email, you will be sent back to the log in page. At this point you can log into your Free Autoresponder and start building your campaign.

• Click on Account, in top menu and fill in your contact details filling in all boxes except fax.

• Next, click on Configuration and scroll down to ‘Custom URL Tags”. Here, you will be able to add your websites and any other information you want your potential prospect to know about. If you plan on using the premade messages for Mega Marketing Tools, you should add your referral id in the [MYURL1] box.

• You can save up to 50 URL’s to use as personalization tags in your messages, to set up and use the tags, enter the full URL’s for each, in the space provided.

• You can use these tags for anything you need to save, not just URL’s. Leave the fields blank if you do not want to use any additional tags.

• Next, Click on Messages, This is where you will Add, Edit, Delete or Load messages into your auto responder. If you want to write a simple message that will be sent when someone signs up on your list simply, click on the View, Add, Edit message tab and create your own message.

• If you would like to load prewritten messages into your Free Autoresponder, click on the messages button then, click on “Copy Messages from another auto responder”. You can copy the message, demographics questions and custom questions set from another Pro or Free Autoresponder.

• Please select the pro or Free Autoresponder you wish to copy the messages, demographics questions and custom questions from.

• You will need the password to be able to copy the set up, get the password from the auto responder owner or system admin.

• If you wish to use the prewritten auto responder messages created for you for, click on the drop down menu and chose,

• Then enter the password: 123456 into the password box provided. Then select copy… Please remember, any messages you have entered into your Free Autoresponder prior to this will be over written when you select the copy button.

• Next, click on the Messages link, then click on View/Add/Edit messages and check each one for formatting issues…If you have followed the instructions above, your almost done setting up your Free Autoresponder

• Click on capture pages, at this point you will be able to view all capture pages included with your Free Autoresponder currently in the system. Remember, you can use any capture page you like or, you can use all of them at the same time. There is no limitation to how many you can use at the same time with your Free Autoresponder.

• Click on one of the thumb nail images inside your Free Autoresponder back office. The thumbnail you click will open in a new window. Once the new window opens, copy the URL in the URL bar and past it in your advertisements and/or website/s, be sure the entire URL including (HTTP) and (aid=your AR number) is copied.

• See example.

Congratulations, you have now setup your Free Autoresponder and are ready to start building your list.

Watch me show you how to setup your Free AutoResponder

Free Autoresponder

Free Autoresponder