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Thanks for stopping by and getting your Free Piano Lesson Just a couple of notes before we proceed. Below you will find this example. LC4. In our Free Piano Lesson today, the letters and numbers stand for (LC4) (L) is for Left Hand. (C) is the note to be played and (4) is the octave in which to play it. So C4 would mean play piano note C in the fourth Octave on the piano. More on this down below…

One of the things I enjoy about giving Free Piano Lesson and even playing piano is the use of Chord Voicing’s. The way you voice a chord on the piano can make you sound like a million bucks or it can make you sound like a beginner. For today’s Free Piano Lesson I am going to explain three simple chords that I think can make an average piano player sound pro. The first chord in todays Free Piano Lesson and by the way is one of my favorite voicings on the piano is based in C. To make this easier on you to understand, you must know what I am talking about when I say C4 or middle C… This is very simple as you just need to start from the left of the piano and count up four C’s and that will be C 4 or Middle C as some people call it.

Free Piano Lesson Chord One

In this Free Piano Lesson place your Left pinky on E3 and your left index on C4 then with your right hand, we will play what is called a G Chord with your right thumb on D4, your right index finger on G4 and your right index pinky on B4.

So now here is what you got.

Left pinky on E3, left index on C4 then right hand, right thumb on D4, your right index finger on G4 and your right index pinky on B4.

The notes you will be playing are, LE3, LC4, RD4, RG4, RB4. In my opinion, this is the prettiest chord on the piano. And the voicing that we are using here just sounds amazing in my opinion.

Free Piano Lesson Chord Two

In this Free Piano Lesson, another pretty chord for todays Free Piano Lesson, place your left pinky on D3, your left index finger on G#3, then with your right hand place your thumb on C4, your index finger on F4, your middle finger on G4, and your right pinky on C5.

Now, just the notes.

LD4, LG#3, RC4, RF4, RG4, RC5.

Free Piano Lesson Chord Three

In this Free Piano Lesson, with your Left Pinky play E2, Left Index play C3, Right index play,C4 Right middle finger play G4 and right Pinky play C5.

Now just the notes.

LE2,LC3, RC4, RG4, RC5.

Now lets play them all together in sequence.

First play:    LE3, LC4, RD4, RG4, RB4

Then play:   LD4, LG#3, RC4, RF4, RG4, RC5.

Last play:    LE2,LC3, RC4, RG4, RC5.


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