Free Piano Lesson

Welcome to Free Piano Lesson s 4U. Today I want to walk you through a very nice but simple piano lick that you can play during a break on a very fast song. The entire piano lick is simply the break down of 2 chords coming down the piano from high to low and played in single note fashion. Once you get the hang of how I play this, you can throw this in as either a fill in a song or use it as a lick to play both up and down the piano.

Free Piano Lesson

In todays Free Piano Lesson you will find this example. RC6. In our Free Piano Lesson today, the letters and numbers stand for (RC6) (R) is for Right Hand. (C) is the note to be played and (6) is the octave in which to play it. So C6 would mean play piano note C in the sixth Octave on the piano. More on this down below…

Free Piano Lesson

Todays Free Piano Lesson is going to consist of the 2 chords C and D Minor. The key to the entire run is playing the 2 chords in different inversions down the piano. And will be played entirely with your right hand. You will also notice in todays free piano lesson that I talk about 1st, 2nd and third inversions of a particular chord. An example of this in todays Free Piano Lesson would be, C 1st inversion is the normal way to play a simple C Chord C,E,G. The 2nd inversion is were we move the C note in the first inversion up one octave. Then your C Chord 2nd inversion would be this, E, G, C and the 3rd inversion of C Chord would be G, C, E.

(Free Piano Lesson C Chord)#1 = 2nd Inversion

With your Right Pinky play C7 Right Index Finger Play G6, And Right Thumb play E6.

(Free Piano Lesson D Minor Chord) #2 = 1st Inversion

With your Right Pinky play A6 Right Index Finger Play F6, And Right Thumb play D6.

(Free Piano Lesson C Chord) #3 1st Inversion

With your Right Pinky play G6 Right Index Finger Play E6, And Right Thumb play C6.

(Free Piano Lesson D Minor Chord) #4 = 3rd Inversion

With your Right Pinky play F6 Right Index Finger Play D6, And Right Thumb play A5.

(Free Piano Lesson C Chord) #5 3rd Inversion

With your Right Pinky play E6 Right Index Finger Play C6, And Right Thumb play G5.

(Free Piano Lesson D Minor Chord) #6 = 2nd Inversion

With your Right Pinky play D6 Right Index Finger Play A5, And Right Thumb play F5.


At this point in the Free Piano Lesson you have played the entire piano lick. Then just simply start over one octave down at C6 and continue this all the way down the piano. First I want you to play the notes in the chords together in chord form and when you get used to doing it this way, I want you to break the notes up and play them individually all the way down one at a time.

You will in this Free Piano Lesson that this is a very smooth run that you can use in a lot of ways on piano. And with the right technique at which we will get into at a later date, you will be able to use this run in slow songs…

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Thank  you for joining us in this edition of our free piano lesson course.

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Free Piano Lesson