Free Piano Lesson

Free Piano Lesson

Anthony Burger

Hello and welcome to Free Piano Lesson 4U. My name is Tim Sidden and I want to show you a little hot lick piano run that I learned a long time ago. For those of you that are familiar with Southern Gospel Music. A Great Pianist and Dear Friend of mine Anthony Burger used to play this piano lick lightening fast both up and down the piano and people loved it.

I grew up listening to Anthony and his amazing skills on the piano with the Mighty Kingsmen Quartet and later with Bill Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band and in my mind, he was and still is the greatest pianist to ever grace the stage of a Southern Gospel Concert.

So for this Free Piano Lesson and in tribute to the all time best, I am going to show you one of his favorite fast riffs on the piano…

For todays Free Piano Lesson we are going to be in the Key of C. Editors Note: I highly recommend you learn not only this lick but all licks in all chords.

Todays Free Piano Lesson

We are going to start at the top end of the piano (THE HIGH END TO YOUR RIGHT) and coming down the piano. The notes and fingers that we will be using for this Free Piano Lesson are… Start at Right Pinky C6 — Middle Finger A5 — Index Finger G5 — Right Thumb E5 –Right Middle Finger Eb5 –Right Index Finger D5 –Right Thumb C5 — Right Index Finger A4 — Right Pinky C5 . Then repeat lick starting at C5

The most important thing to remember about this free piano lesson is the fingering used to play the notes. These positions which are highlighted above will allow you to play the lick with speed. There are really two critical positions that you will need to practice. The first is the transition from Right Thumb E5 to Right Middle Finger Eb5… The second is from Right Index Finger A4 to Right Pinky C5.

The second move I refer to above in this Free Piano Lesson allows you to set yourself up to play the lick again the next octave down and as long as you play it like this, >> using your Pinky on the Last note C<<  you will be able to continue all the way down the piano.

Here is the cool part about this free piano lesson. When you get as far as you want to go down the piano, you can reverse the lick and play it back up the piano… This was one of Anthony Burger Famous licks and people everywhere loved it.

Now I am going to list all the notes in todays Free Piano Lesson article together for you…

Right Pinky C6 — Middle Finger A5 — Index Finger G5 — Right Thumb E5 –Right Middle Finger Eb5 –Right Index Finger D5 –Right Thumb C5 — Right Index Finger A4 — Right Pinky C5 . Then repeat lick starting at C5…

The bolded notes above are were you will have to switch from an unnatural finger position to make the scale work.

Thank you for joining us today for our Free Piano Lesson… Click Here To learn the real secrets to Great Piano 

To Your Success,


Tim Sidden

Free Piano Lesson 4U