Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Are you interested in Teaching Piano Lessons for FreePianoLessons4u.com? While some musicians cringe at the thought of teaching piano lessons, we want you to understand that you will be teaching what you want to teach. We believe every Pianist-Keyboardist is special in their own way and will bring something to the table that no one else will.

There are a couple of things we ask from our instructors when Teaching Piano Lessons.

You must be currently involved in the music business by either touring with Nationally Known Act or working as a Session Musician in a reputable studio or studios. Or as a National Touring Solo Artist that is currently on the road fulltime performing. The only thing we ask is that your lessons be G-Rated. Remember, there will be members from all age groups that will be listening to you teach. So we ask that you act responsibly.

That means No Profanity, No Hate Speech, No Advertising for competing services. You are free to teach what you chose to teach and when you chose to teach. There will not be a set schedule as most if not all the instructors are currently on the road with major artist and or in the studio for the biggest part of their time. 

Therefore, we book Piano Lessons around these dates and schedule times that work best with the instructor. You might only give one Piano Lessons a month or if you want to, and the budget allows you can give 4 Piano lessons a month. If you’re interesting in building a library of videos for members of the system to watch in the future, (This would earn you a residual income) then the time you could spend teaching would be up to you. More on this below.

If you meet and agree to the qualifications above and all of the above sounds good and works for you then you will love reading below…

Now that all the boring stuff is over, lets talk about what FreePianoLessons4u.com can do for you. 

We would love to have you on board with us teaching piano lessons and to prove so, we offer our instructors some very nice incentives for helping us build this brand new and unique way of inspiring young up and coming piano students to be the best they can be.

Earn a minimum of $75 for a 90 minute Piano Lesson.

To start with, Every 90 Minute Piano Lesson you teach that you and management agree on will earn you a paycheck of at least $75. Payable to you on the 15th of the following month through paypal. 

Residual Income

All Piano Lessons will be recorded and each instructor will also be paid a residual commission on the unique views that their Piano Lessons generate inside the back office of FreePianoLessons4u.com. This is paid to you on a Quarterly Basis and as a result could turn into a very nice residual income for you.

Residual on Video Sales.

As stated above, all Piano Lessons will be recorded in HD and listed in our back office for our members viewing pleasure but we will also package these videos for sale outside the site for non members of FreePianoLessons4u.com

Wholesale Purchase Rights.

You as a instructor for FreePianoLessons4u.com will be able to purchase these videos from us at a wholesale price and resale them at your concert venues and local stores Etc.

Residual Income off Sold Merchandise. 

You will also earn another residual income off of every video sold through the promotion and sales generated through our site as well as other online marketing efforts.

Earn by Promoting our Live Online Piano Lessons.

When you promote our Live Online Piano Lessons to your fan base through social marketing and other means, you will earn a monthly residual income on everyone that signs up through your referral link as long as they remain a paying member.

Earn money off the sales your referrals make.

And last but not least, You will also earn residual sales off of every purchase made inside FreePianoLessons4u.com by your recruits.

We want our instructors to be very successful while partnering with us and we hope to have a very long and prosperous future with each one of you.

If you have any questions and or comments about Teaching Piano Lessons, please feel free to let us know below…

To Your Success,
Tim Sidden


Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons