World Wide Co-op inside information

Due to the amazing growth of Megamarketingtools over the past 30 days
We are going to launch a massive World-Wide Co-op for all Pro members of MMT.

To do this, we are partnering with a company that is listed on over 500,000
Websites around the world and through their script our brand will be advertised
world wide.
This is the biggest advertising campaign that Megamarketingtools has ever
Participated in and one that is sure to boost the Megamarketingtools Brand on the
World Wide Web.

We are also going to be listed on several sites that showcase top Auto Responders.
The link given to all the above mentioned sites will be the Co-op Link that will be built
For all members who chose to take part in this Campaign.

Here is how the Co-op will work, we will be purchasing over 30 million Ad Impressions
from the company that advertises on over 500k sites…
When this runs out we will purchase an additional 30 million impressions until all members
of the Co-op receive at least 25 signups per link purchased in the Co-op.

Each link in the Co-op cost $20. What this mean is, if you purchase 2 links your site will be
Showcased 2x more than a member who purchases only one link.

To simplify things, all contributing members will have their referral link to MMT placed on
a rotator… The more links you purchase, the more times your site will be shown in rotation
thus the greater chance you have of receiving more signups.

1 link = $20 (Your Referral Link will be shown one time in rotation)
2 Links = $40 (Your Referral Link will be shown two times in rotation)
3 Links = $60 (Your Referral Link will be shown 3 times in rotation)
4 Links = $80 (Your Referral Link will be shown four times in rotation)
There is NO LIMIT to the amount of links you can purchase

All members who have paid for the 1 year membership will receive one (1)
Link in the Co-op.
IF you are a yearly subscriber and make a purchase for the promotion, we will add
Additional links to the campaign for your referral link according to how many you
If you’re interested in purchasing the one year membership, you will also receive
An additional 2 months membership plus Platinum Hosting and Domain Name free.
Click here for more information on our yearly package.

We need to raise just over $700 to put this plan in place…
The best thing about the Advertising is, we are reaching an untapped market for Megamarketingtools…

If you’re interested in taking part in this promotion, we need you to send payment to

Again, this will be a onetime payment and will give you a minimum of 25 signups per
link purchased.

For more information on the companies used, please send in a support ticket and we
will gladly send you more information on the companies that we will be using.
To receive the info on the companies, you must be a Pro Member of MegaMarketingtools.

To Your Success,
Tim Sidden