Below is a first hand experience to the Life of Matt Boswell from Producer Tim Sidden.

Matt Boswell

I still remember the day my best buddy and Steel Player Jimmy Church who recently past told
me about his first night playing music with Matt Boswell. Back then I had never heard of Matt.
Jimmy who had played on the Grand Ole Opry many times was what we call around home, a
True Country Music Troubadour and a great steel guitar man who knew how to make a steel cry
like some of the all time greats.
With all the respect I had for Jim, when he came to me bragging about this new artist he had
worked with, my eyes lit up. And after all the bragging, Jimmy summed up Matt best when he
said “That is Nashville Right There, He represents everything good in that town and a whole lot
After that comment from Jimmy, I had to meet this man. And soon after that conversation took
place I had the honor of meeting this man that Jimmy bragged on for so long.
Me meeting Matt was a breath of fresh air in a world of country music where songs had become
so stale with what is known as todays “Bro Country”. And after the first concert I was apart of, I
too became an instant fan.
Matt who is not only a great singer and writer, but also an accomplished musician, playing
several different instruments proficiently had surrounded himself with a stellar band of musicians
who complimented him and brought out the best in everything he did on stage.
Matt Boswell and The Hillbilly Blues Band is more like a brotherhood than anything else and that
reflects in the music every time they walk on stage.

Since then I have had the pleasure of getting to know Matt on a personal level and I can assure
you, the songs he writes and sings about reflect the life he lives. And if you have ever seen him
live, you know he has the talent to back it up.

But from a more personal level I have been to his farm and heard the stories about how he and
his beautiful wife Mandy built their amazing Log House from the ground up with their own hands.
Paying for it as they go. I have also seen how blessed he is to have a family that surrounds him
with love, and supports him unconditionally.

Case in point, One night I had to stay Matt Boswellover at his place as we were doing two shows back to
back in Va. On our way to his place he called to tell Mandy he was on the way home. He asked if
I was hungry and of course with a smile I said yes.
At that point, I was expecting, at most a frozen pizza and most likely a cold cut sandwich of
which I would have been grateful for being it was 3:30AM in the morning. Being we were miles
away from anything that might have been open.
To my surprise without Matt asking, Mandy got up and prepared a home cooked meal complete
with Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables and Oven Cooked Chicken, and set the table for our arrival
complete with dinnerware, and a choice of drinks on ice.

The conversation that followed at that table at about 4:00AM started off between Matt and Mandy
and was more like best friends talking about their day like they had not seen each other in weeks.
I literally had flashbacks to the Sunday afternoon dinners at Grandmas house. All at 4:00AM in
the morning. The icing on the cake was the next morning when I was literally served breakfast in
bed cooked by Mandy and delivered by Matt.Thinking back on that, that is just how country boys and their family roll.

With Family taking care of family and friends. This is just one instance of many where Matt has shown his true colors about the life he lives.

There are a lot of people that sing country music that really have no clue what real country music and country life is all about, but I can assure you that Matt Boswell knows what he is singing about. He lives it everyday with a heart for God, Country, Family and Freedom. and this is reflected in the songs that he sings every night.

The reason I am telling you this story about Matt is, A dream is coming true for this man of many
In the early fall I will be taking Matt to Nashville to start Producing his first Major CD. A CD that will
feature the musical talents of some of the best players, engineers and background singers in the
music business. But most of all it will feature the musical talents and songs of a man that should
be at the top of every country chart in the nation.

If you have never heard his songs, you’re in for a treat. His songwriting and ability to perform is
something to be admired. And know doubt after listening to this mans music, you to will experience
a man singing the songs he lives and breaths everyday and a man I am proud to call a dear
friend. Matt Boswell.

Matt Boswell

Matt Boswell

Matt Boswell