Things you need to know about music production when you Record in Nashville!

When it comes to music production, a lot of artistes get it wrong and this usually ends up hampering their success. The most vital thing you should have in the back of your mind when you record in Nashville is this, it does not matter who produces your song (whether it’s a big name in the industry or not) what really matters is the end product. This is what hits the market and this is what your audience is going to listen to.Therefore every artist or band when you record in Nashville should make the most of every recording session with the following points in mind.

•Pre-production phase

This phase of your song production is just as important as the production phase. Thus you have to make sure you get it right before you hit the studio. If you do this phase right when you record in Nashville, you will find yourself spending less time and money in the studio and on the studio fees respectively. You can do this by practicing your song over and over again until you can get it right even in your sleep. Your band members should also get everything right down to every little detail.

•About your producer

Remember that your producer is the most important person in your song production. Therefore make sure you get one who is very good and easy to work with. Before you give that person a call, make sure it is the right person for your music. Check up on their street credits. Also ensure you have an informal meeting with this person before you sign on a deal. For example you could have him or her come spend a lunch date or a jam session with you and your band. Ask them about their taste in music and how they work. Also ensure that you listen to this person’s previous works. And most importantly, follow your instincts. If you are not comfortable with this person or you don’t trust their style of work, then you will be saving yourself a lot of future stress and financial loss if just let them go from the beginning.

•About The Studio

Most likely, you will be spending a lot of money on studio time when you record in Nashville and as this is the powerhouse where almost everything gets done, you have to ensure you get a quality studio. When I say quality, I mean a studio that meets at least 90% of your needs. It has to be spacious, encourage inspiration, be calming as well as relaxing. And then more importantly, the musical instruments, mics and outboard gear should be in excellent condition. If your studio does a good job, you should save money on production sessions with your producer.

•Your Studio House Engineers

They include the engineer, the mixing engineer and the mastering engineer. They all have very important and distinct roles to play in getting your songs recorded properly. They set up the amps, mics, instruments, gears etcetera. They mix your sounds, filter it properly and give it the right feel and vibe. They also calm you down when you are agitated or anxious, pep-talk you and will probably even get you a cup of coffee too. So make sure you choose studios with the right engineers when you record in Nashville. Set aside a good budget for this, especially for your mastering engineer. Some of them give good discounts during slow times in the year. Make sure you find out about this.

Your will know you have gotten yourself a good deal when your average song ends up sounding top notch!

As with your producer, always remember to ask for a test run before you sign up with them and never be afraid to ask for a discount. You might be surprised what a deal you can get for yourself.

Wishing you the best in your project!


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Record in Nashville

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