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Rodney Brace Website Communicator

Rodney Brace Website Communicator


Rodney Brace Website Communicator

This is a post that I truly hate to post but my hand was forced…
It deals with the company we launched called TalkFacetoFace…

I want to clarify a few things that has taken place with Talk Face to Face in the past couple of weeks and set the record straight on some accusations that have been thrown my way. by various members within the TFTF System.

Closing TalkFacetoFace
I along with Gary decided to make the decision to close TFTF and cancel the agreement we had with Rodney Brace Website Communicator… This was due in large part by the Non interest of the software from members which we believe had a lot to do with the functionality of the Software and Script. And our loss of interest in the program due to among other things technical challenges associated with the script.
First off, I want to explain a few things in hopes you might understand some of my thought process as I explain this situation to you.

Script and Software.
When we signed a contract with Mr. Rodney Brace Website Communicator we were looking for an affiliate script to run the affiliate side of the VOC console…

Rodney Brace Website Communicator had mentioned that he had a script that he used with his version of the Talk Face to Face system and that we could use it. He also mentioned that we would have to have someone with PHP capability to write code for the script to be able to use Alertpay as a Payment option.
We agreed to use his script with the thought process being that it was already setup for his system, it would be less trouble to incorporate into the TFTF system and the VOC console. What we did not realize was the script he sent us at the time, (although being the same base script as he was using;) DID NOT have the major enhancements of the actual script he was using.

The version that was sent to us still had critical bugs that were still present in the script we received. This included not only alertpay issues but also paypal issues among other things. We DID NOT find out about the Paypal issues until AFTER we had spent several thousand dollars on this system.

But, Gary and I proceeded to have some of these issues fixed through a programmer we hired and after being limited to the access of the VOC and being able to test the script, our programmer decided to opt out of the work we hired him for. His limited access was because Rodney Brace Website Communicatorhad total command of the TFTF server and would not allow our staff or programmers entry into the server for their work.

Joel Therien (GOGVO)
This in result cost us several hundred dollars. Finally we turned to a programmer Rodney Brace Website Communicator recommended to us but was never allowed to communicate directly with because as we found out, the script that was given to us was a Pirated Copy owned and programmed by Joel Therien… Of GoGVO.
And from my understanding, worked with Joel in the past and was the source of the pirated copy.

I have personally spoke to Joel Therien about this and have since learned the full name of the programmer and was able to confirm that at one time both Rodney Brace Website Communicatorand the programmer which will remain anonymous for now did work and have access to the software.

Problems with Script
Anyway we proceeded to code the script but was never totally successful as various members were returned to suspended status after the cron would run. This would create a major issue with members in the system as when suspended they could not gain access to the backoffice and could not promote the products we were marketing.
There are a lot of members that were in Talkfacetoface that have been with me for years… And these people know that I DO NOT tolerate imperfections in software… In the world we live in, this is the best way to run a business into the ground… And the “Number 1” reason which companies fail.

Not only was their serious bugs found in the affiliate script that we received from Rodney Brace but the VOC software which is the name of the Software that was actually used by the members was full of bugs.

Including but not limited to…
1st.This software was useless to Mac Users as when someone tried to call a Mac user on the VOC script, The account holder never heard or even knew that someone was calling… This was a bug that I was promised by Rodney Brace Website Communicator would be fixed… Though during the existence with TFTF was never resolved.

2nd. The privacy shade issue that most of you experienced was NEVER finished… The deal behind this was… When you did not want to be live on your website, you had the option to post a picture of yourself or something else to hide behind and still be live on your site. The bug that was never fixed would disconnect members from the server when using this feature…

There were more issues with the VOC software that we found, but these were the critical issues that effected the members the most…

These two issues along with the affiliate script suspending members accounts caused a massive amount of people to look elsewhere for their online marketing products.

These issues also caused Gary and myself to step back and reevaluate our decision with the software and script at hand… During this time my Father became very ill and I was involved in his recovery.

So, to be honest with you I backed off of promoting the product myself as I did not want to promote to my members an inferior product… That is not to say the idea behind TalkFacetoFace was not a great idea, it simply means we could not believe in the system due to issues that were left not fixed.

By the time my personal life was returning to normal, there was not enough members in the system to pay the server bills… And along with the issues not being fixed after two months of waiting, I decided it was time to terminate our reseller agreement.

Rodney Brace Website Communicator Spamming my LIST
The Thing that upset me the most during this whole deal was the fact that Rodney took it upon himself to “NOT Honor the Privacy of you” our members… This is the result of Rodney Brace Website Communicator E-mailing the list that I had built after he shut down the server. This in my opinion is the worst case of betrayal that I can think of that someone of Rodney Brace Website Communicator status could do…

Let me explain this in detail…
WealthGroupInternational Paid Rodney Brace Website Communicator all the server fees and the setup fees for the servers. We also paid Rodney for ALL the script work that was done on the server and both scripts throughout the process of TalkFacetoFace. We also had a signed contract stating the terms of the reseller agreement. is WealthGroupInternational’s property along with the Email List that was built within TalkFacetoFace. The only thing Rodney served as was support for backend issues with the scripts and servers… This is stated clearly in our contract.
Rodney Brace Website Communicator was never given permission to access and or use the emails that was acquired during the promotion of TalkFaceToFace.

Yet, two days after the server was terminated, Rodney Brace took it upon himself to commit the cardinal sin of Internet Marketers and steal the list that I had built and proceeded to violate your privacy by sending emails to you, the TalkFacetoFace members…

Because of this, I have been accused of selling out my members by multiple people in our TalkfacetoFace Skype room…

As you might know, I run another Successful Online business that has an AutoResponder… The last thing I need for people to believe is that I am in the business of selling off my members and their subscribers. We pride ourselves as a company that works online with integrity and resent anyone that tries to destroy that relationship with our members no matter what company we are currently promoting.

22 Accounts not honored
Another major issue with this is, Before TalkFacetoFace was launched or even thought about, I purchased 22 accounts from Rodney Brace Website Communicator on October 1st 2010… We paid him $1500 for the right to use these accounts for 2 years. When I decided to cancel the TFTF server, these accounts were also terminated.
This deal while paid in full for two full years has been denied by Rodney Brace. In other words, Rodney has NOT Honored this agreement.

There are a couple of more points I want to make about TalkFacetoFace and Rodney Brace Website Communicator.

Pricing Fee
When we first launched TFTF we landed on the total price of $85.
This is because Rodney Brace Website Communicator. was charging $79 and some change for the use of his system… But shortly after we launched TFTF, I was told Rodney lowered his price to $29.95… Calling it a Summer Promotion”. While there was not anything in our contract about pricing and we both were free to set the market rate, this in itself is an issue for me because, if I am out promoting a product that someone can buy $50 cheaper somewhere else, how would that make me look to my members…

My Website Design and Template used by Rodney Brace Website Communicator.
This is not to mention that he stole my ideas and the website design template idea from us.

The design you see on his website right now is the idea of April Chaplin. A former employeee of mine. She had been our designer for over 2 years… His statement to me when he approached me about using the design was, and I am paraphrasing here.
“if you don’t let me use your copy of the Template that was the TFTF design, I will purchase the design myself and still use it”.

While Rodney Brace Website Communicator. is free to do this and there is nothing in our contract about some of these issues I bring up, I have to question his integrity in some of the actions he took while we were business partners…

Right now, Rodney Brace Website earning money on people that I brought to the table as a result of his spamming my list… With that in mind, you can make your own decisions about what kind of person Rodney Brace Website Communicator is.

There is one thing to note here…
I still owe Rodney his part of the accounts I sold the last month we were live on the site… That amount although less than $100 has not been paid for one simple reason and one that I will not disclose here.

With all that said, Rodney worked very hard to make TalkFacetoFace Happen… He volunteered his time to help get the site ready for launch and for this I thank him. He went over and above the call of duty to make this happen… Our Pre-Launch brought in over 1000 people in the first couple of days and I can understand why he was so excited because, according to the Alexa rankings on his site, Website Communicator had terrible ratings telling me that his membership was extremely low…
Just a thought, while TalkFacetoFace was online, we beat his Alexa ranking by over 2,000%… Pretty sad thing when you consider TalkFacetoFace was a brand new company and a reseller of his software.

I do have one small favor to ask of the members of Talkfacetoface. If you receive correspondence from Rodney Brace , please forward that information to me at

I want to hear your feelings and thoughts about this… Please post your responses below and I will reply as soon as possible…
To Your Success,
Tim Sidden


Rodney Brace Website Communicator


Rodney Brace Website Communicator


Rodney Brace Website Communicator


Rodney Brace Website Communicator