Getting Started.
This guide is intended to help you maximize your time on Our Intention with MMT is provide you with the tools you need to advance your online career.

This guide will help you get started in the right direction with MMT and show you what you need to be doing first and how to do it to make the most of your time online.
Members Home Page

When you first visit your members back office User Control Panel you will see a wealth of information. But first let’s concentrate on the three boxes at the center of the page.

Important: If you try and click on any of the products or services you do not have access to, you will be taken directly back to the home page. All P2x3 products are for Free Members including the P2x3 auto responder.

Account Details. This is where your general information will be including, the date your account was created and date expired. Also included is your signup information including, Account Status and other general information. You will also see a upgrade button in this box.

The First thing you want to do is click this button as you will be sent to another page were you can upgrade your account to receive all the membership benefits of Mega Marketing ools. The initial cost of membership is $7.99+ 0.32 processing fee. This is a weekly recurring fee that will allow you access to all our powerful services and products. After pressing the Alertpay button you will be sent to Alertpay were you will be able to upgrade your account. After paying, you will be sent back to MMT.

When you come back to your Members home page you will see your account has been activated by looking at the Account Status section of your home page. You will also see the Start Date and End date of your subscription.
In the second box you will be able to view your sponsor details as well as a contact email address.

The Third box is very important as it includes your referral ID. This is the link you will use to promote your position in the company to your prospects. This box also includes a statistic that shows you your total direct referrals per visitors. This is vital as it allows you to see if your promotional efforts are paying off for you…

Side Menu Links

Edit Account

Step 1. Visit the Edit Account Menu located in the members back office. Here you will find the basic but very important features that you will use in MMT.

• First this is the place to edit your contact information Personal identifiable info for MMT. Please be sure to add your phone number. This info will not be seen by the general public and may be very useful to the owners if ever we have a question about your account…

• Alert Pay account. Please enter your Alert Pay email address here. This is where we will pay you all your referral commissions. Without this information you WILL NOT BE PAID.

• User Image: Upload a picture of yourself here.

• Website Information: You can enter your website info here..

• Manual Down line Placement: Here you have the option to give the new members you sponsor to your down line. Please select the username of the Down line member you would like to help and add their name in the box and when you sponsor someone into the business, this new person will fall under the down lines name you chose.

• Refund Your Referral commissions to your new down line. If you want to give back to a new member when they upgrade their account you can add a % of your referral commissions in this box and the new upgraded member that signs up will automatically be sent the % of money you entered in the box. This could be a very lucrative addition to help you acquire new members in MMT.

• Receive Emails from site administrator: We highly suggest leaving this to on as if there is an issue with your account we need to have a way to stay in touch with you…

• Default Language is set to English.

• Change your Password: Here is where you will change your password in the system. Leave Blank to keep the same password.

Referrals Link
This is where you will be able to see a list of your referrals. At MMT we have taken this process one step further. Here you will see who actually is working the business, as the details of each individual and their efforts are shown in the tables on this page.

• Username: This is the username your downline member signed up with. You can also click the username and see in depth information on the selected user.

• Full Name: This is the actual name of the individual in your downline.

• Hits: This is the amount of hits this user has received to their referral link.

• Referrals: There are two columns here. The 1st column is total Free Signups. The 2nd Column is amount of upgraded signups. So for example, if you see 2 / 1 in a member’s column, then that would mean, they have signed up 2 members total and one had upgraded.

• Level: This is where this user is placed in your downline. For Instance if that number says 5, then that user would be on your 5th level.
Genealogy Report

• The Genealogy report give you a visual image of were all your downline members are. You can see what level they fall on in relation to other members. This is a very valuable tool when working with your members and helping them maximize their efforts in your business.

History (Transaction History)
This page will give you a detailed overview of your earnings.

• ID: Every Transaction in MMT has a id number associated with it. When referring a problem to support please include the transaction ID number for faster service.

• Memo: This information includes what level this payment was processed on. For example you might receive a memo stating,( Level 3 Referral Commission). This would let you know that this referral commission Transaction was received from a level three downline member.

• Batch ID: After you have received payout, a batch id will be displayed here. Before your payout is processed you will see a question mark symbol (?).

• Time Stamp: This will let you know the exact time these funds were paid to you. Example, after being paid you will see something like this ( 2010-05-07 01:59:15).

• Amount: This is the amount your account was credited or debited.

• Status: This is the status of your payout. Waiting or Paid. The Minimum to earn before being paid out is $10.00 USD
Banner Ads.

• Use our banners to dramatically increase your click-through rates.

We are constantly testing, researching and updating our banners, staying aware of industry shifts and always using the latest technologies. These banners have been designed, tested, and proven to attract the highest click-through rates!

Using an image in your web site is a surefire way to encourage peoples to click through.

One of the best ways to grab the attention of internet surfers, is to simply add an image to your site. The image gives them a lot of the information they need, without making them slow down to read.

A good image equates to a carefully written paragraph, full of descriptive text. It can show (rather than tell) people exactly what they’re getting.

• If you have any feedback, questions or would like to give a testimonial please use the Feedback form to do so.

• Please use this form to send a message to your upline or downline.
Tell a Friend.

• Use the form in the Tell a Friend feature to invite potential members to the site. You can invite up to 15 people at any one time.
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