The Megamarketingtools Payplan

One of the best parts about MMT is the fact you can earn referral commissions from people you introduce to Mega Marketing Tools. We feel we have put together a fantastic compensation plan for those members who wish to promote their MMT Business.

Mega Marketing Tools Has The Potential To Earn You Insane Amounts Of Money.

Get just three people in your down line and your membership is FREE!

This is an easy and great way to cover your costs for using the many products and services that Mega Marketing Tools has to offer.

How do I earn money in Mega Marketing Tools?

There are several ways to earn money in Mega Marketing Tools. Even though sponsoring is not required to earn money in Mega Marketing Tools, it is highly suggested to make use of the high quality banners and referral links that we have supplied to you in the member’s area. By doing this, you can earn a Quick Start Bonus (QSB) the equivalent of a $4.00 QSB ($1.00 a week) paid to you daily anytime you sponsor someone into the Mega Marketing Tools system who upgrades their account to Pro Membership status.

This quick start bonus is also paid to you each week that your referral renews his/her subscription with Mega Marketing Tools. On top of the QSB bonus, all members will earn recurring matrix position bonuses. This in itself could turn into a very lucrative income for you over time.

Can I earn money as a Free Member?

Yes, free members can earn the Direct Sponsoring Bonus (DSB) of $1.00 for every Mega Marketing Tools member that they refer that upgrades to pro. Free members will also be placed in the 3×10 Matrix and earn the matrix bonuses paid out to pro members. Free members will NOT be able to cash out their earnings without upgrading into the system.

Free Members will have 30 days to test the MMT system and promote. After the 30 day period is complete, all free member who have NOT upgraded their accounts will expire and be removed from the system. This gives free members a chance to promote their business, setup and test their auto responder for a complete 30 days in Mega Marketing Tools.

This action will insure that the matrix is compressed and that all Pro Members earn the most money from the Mega Marketing Tools pay plan. At the same time giving all members a great opportunity to test the system and possibly earn money from their efforts in Mega Marketing Tools.

The Matrix:
What is a 3×10 Forced Matrix?

A forced matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate can directly refer on their first level. A 3×10 matrix consists of 3 people on your first level and goes down 9 more levels, for a total of 10 levels.
How does the Matrix work?
Well, there are multiple levels of affiliates and referrals. When a given affiliate has reached the maximum number of direct referrals, any “spillovers” will be placed as a referral under the affiliate’s first referral earning you the $1 QSB.

For example: if affiliates are allowed 3 referrals each and you, as one of the affiliates refers 4 other affiliates – Anna, Bob, Charlie and David. Anna, Bob and Charlie will be placed directly below you in level 1 (or level 2 if you consider yourself level

1). So what happens to David?
David will be placed as a referral made by Anna. Therefore David will be placed in level 2 (or level 3 if you consider yourself level 1). This method helps fill up the chain much faster and allows you to generate the most income from a larger range of referrals. Referrals that you generate for yourself and that are generated for you by the affiliate who referred you.

Also, when Anna, Bob, Charlie and David go out and introduce the Mega Marketing Tools system to other potential members, you will be paid a 2nd level indirect referral commission of $0.15 and a 3rd level Indirect Referral commission of $0.10 paid daily to your Alert pay account.

Normally, typical forced matrix systems are very deep and have a smaller width. If, for example, a matrix is set with a width of 3 and a depth of 10, you have the potential to refer 3 + 9 + 27 + 81 + 243 + 729 + 2,187 + 6,561 + 19,683 + 59,049 = 88,572 affiliates. And with a forced matrix structure, getting that many referrals is no difficult task.

As a result, you, as an affiliate, are inclined to sign up as there are affiliates before you who will help you develop your down line and help you fill up your matrix very quickly.

Let’s look at the Pay Plan in detail:

Mega Marketing Tools pays a huge amount of the money received from members back to the members. Below you will find a weekly breakdown of the commissions you will earn from QSB’s and Matrix positions in the company.
Mega Marketing Tools is set up to reward members with the most powerful Pay Structure on the internet.

When a new member joins our powerful Forced Matrix and has three people on his/her first level, they will be paid $2.66 for each referral. (Totaling $7.98). If the first three members are direct referrals from you, you will be paid the Direct Sponsoring Bonus (DSB) totaling $10.98. (Sponsor Details can be seen in the members back office under History). This money is reoccurring for the life of your 1st level referrals as long as they maintain Pro Status in Mega Marketing Tools.

After your first level down line is complete whether through your recruiting or because of Spillover, the Referring sponsor will be paid a recurring Direct Sponsoring Bonus (DSB) of $1.00 per week ($4.00 a month) for every member they Sponsor into Mega Marketing Tools. This is another very lucrative income stream on top of the 3×10 Forced Matrix.

QSB Sponsoring Bonus $1.00
QSB Indirect Sponsoring Bonus 2nd Level $0.15
QSB Indirect Sponsoring Bonus 3rd Level $0.10
100 Direct Referrals on levels 2 to infinity = $100.00 per week in Residual Income…

These numbers are over and above all Matrix level positions…

Weekly Membership fee of $7.99 plus PP Fees.

1st level 33.35%= Weekly $2.66
2nd level 3.10% = Weekly $0.25
3rd level 3.10% = Weekly$0.25
4th level 3.10% = Weekly $0.25
5th level 3.10% = Weekly $0.25
6th level 3.10% = Weekly $0.25
7th level 3.10%= Weekly $0.25
8th level 3.10%= Weekly $0.25
9th level 3.10%= Weekly $0.25
10 level 3.10%= Weekly $0.25

Paying back to members $6.16 on weekly purchase of 7.99

Total Company Profit of $0.73 after Payment Processor Fees.

Alert Pay Fees
*Certain industries, (which include us) may be subject to a fee of 3.90 % + $0.59 USD for receiving funds and 6.40 % + $0.59 USD for receiving funds by credit card.

Everyday is Payday

Payments are made to your Alert Pay account.

Pay outs are instantly applied to your account when you’re Referrals or Downline upgrade their account to Pro. Payouts are processed every day from 12am EST to 9am EST. The minimum amount to cash out is $10.00. If your account balance is under $10.00 the balance will carry forward to the next day. Remember to add your Alert pay ID Email address into the appropriate field inside the Edit Account menu in your back office.
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