Traffic is king to making money online no matter what kind of product or service you sell; without it, all your efforts toward making money will be in vain.

The BIG question is: Is It Easy To Come By?

To 95 percent of online marketers, the simple answer is NO! But to the remaining 5 percent, the answer is an Huge Resounding YES!

The question is, what traffic generation tactics are guaranteed and carry out its task of flooding a website/blog with traffic on the internet?

Today, I am going to show you the Top 3 totally free web traffic tactics of all time that I will discuss in this article. Hold these tactics dear to your heart and you will be amazed at how fast your internet business will grow exponentially.

Forget whatever lies that you have been told about using simple articles to drive traffic to your website. It is still adjudged one of the finest tactics available on the internet, even to a beginner.

I have been using this tactic for at least 3 years now. What you need to do to make article writing work is to give out useful information that will make the reader trust you and then at the end of the article, direct the reader to your website to get more information.
Depending on your niche, such re-direction to your website can pull in some dollars for you. So, if you are looking for a way to drive traffic to your website, make use of Article Writing. After writing the article, submit it to the top article directories and watch your traffic grow.

This technique generates an absolute flood of both traffic and sales. The technique is no more complicated than noticing a problem and then, writing a short report on how to solve that problem.
Then resell that short report giving anyone who buys it permission to resell the report keeping most or all of the sales price.
How you use this method is limited only by your imagination. It will send you LOTS of traffic, but unless you “capture” that traffic, you may never hear from those visitors again. So be sure to use the Auto Responders Provided free for you at MMT.


You can take any of the products that you’ve created and set up an affiliate program for them.
What makes an affiliate program an unbeatable source of free, highly targeted traffic is that even though you pay affiliates a percentage commission on sales that they send you, you only pay for performing traffic.

If the visitor doesn’t buy, you pay nothing. You’re also often paying commissions on sales that you probably would not have made without a given affiliates. And,that affiliate often reaches prospects that you wouldn’t.

Apart from these three tactics, others are: Using Public Domain contents on your sites, Leveraging existing traffic, Using Email Newsletters, Autoresponders, Viral Software among others.

Now that you understand understand the road you need to take for Free Traffic,

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